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Vengurla Malvan beach

With its long stretch of white sands, and hills covered with cashew, coconut, jackfruit and mango groves lies the pristine and beautiful town of Vengurla. It has two well-known temples: the Shri Devi Sateri temple and the Rameshwar Mandir. Vengurla is often mentioned in history books as a trade settlement. Twice burned to the ground, it was the target of repetitive attacks and plunders between 1664 and 1812. To the west-north-west lie the Vengurla Rocks, also called Burnt Islands. On what was once an inner island, and is now part of the mainland, lies the old town of Malvan, almost hidden by palms. The rocky terrain of Malvan holds 2 forts: Sindhudurg and Padmagad. It is said that there was an underground route joining them. Formerly a trading zone, Malvan is toady known for its salt pans, Chinese clay pottery and the special Malvani cuisine which is quite distinct from Konkan food.
How to Reach  
The closest railhead is Kudal on the Konkan Railway.
By road, Malvan is 514 kms away from Mumbai, 200 kms from Ratnagiri. Vengurla is 522 kms from Mumbai.