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Aguada Beach


Aguada beach is named after the 16th century monument called Fort Aguada that was built by Portuguese to defend themselves from the Dutch and Maratha Invaders. The fortress gives a breath taking view of the sea. There is a lighthouse, spherical in shape, located in the centre of the fort from where one can see Cabo Raj Niwas. The Fort now is housing the central jail that is also a matter of curiosity to many tourists along with a beach resort.

With the golden sand, the Aguada beach has been attracting many tourists not only for the vistas of nature but also for the popular churched located near the beach. One church that needs mentioning is Reis Magos. Overlooking Mandovi River, views from the church are splendid and riming the glory of Nature. It is a well-known fact that 3 viceroys of India had been laid in this church only after their deaths.

Once here, joy is unbound with different food joints and kiosks, pubs, local beverages like cashew feni and safe and fun filling water activities. One can reach to Beach Aguada from Panajim that could be managed by bus, trains or flight from all the major cities of India.