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Alappuzha beach


Kerala is already known to be a place of nature tourism where other options seem to be dimmed in comparison of Alappuzhe Beach. Nature has not shied away from beautifying the place with greenery, lagoons, lakes and fresh water rivers as the beach has Arabian Sea on one side & Punnamada backwaters on the other. It is also known by the name of Alleppey beach.

Located 60 Km from Ernakulam and 90 Km from Kochi, Alappuzha beach is a scenery, which is not to be missed. Trade, the way it flourished long back during the time of colonization in the 19th century, could be imagined by the ruins that stand today on the beach.


1. The most noticeable is the 140 years old pier built by Captain Hugh Crawford in 1862. It extends into the sea and is remains of the past when tea, coffee, indigo, etc used to be traded.

2. The pier has a lighthouse or whatever left of it from those times, as old as the pier itself. It was meant to direct ships to the coast.

3. The beach has a children’s park by the name Vijaya Beach Park. The toy train rides and boating facility of the park are its main attraction.

4. Another attraction of the beach is Nehru Trophy Boat Race that is held on second Saturday of August every year. 100 feet long boats compete against one another and make a grand sight for crowd of more than 2 Lakh tourists and locals.


Come either by cars, hired taxies, buses, trains or flights, whatever is applicable and be a part of this beach!