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Anjuna Beach


Anjuna Beach is a name that keeps ringing the bell once in Goa has been decided as a holiday destination, until visited.

Its history dates bake to 1970s when the place was hot due to Hippie Culture that thrived here for quite some time. Since then the place holds instant appeal for partying and night outs. Biggest of these parties are held during Christmas and New Year.

Number of guest houses, hotels, resorts, etc could be found in the area near the beach along with good restaurants. This beach is also known for its popular nightlife. It might be possible that these hotels themselves have discs and pubs.

For daytime, there is a flea market that holds special interest in the eyes of tourists as for them it is a onetime affair, even though the market is held on every Wednesday at Anjuna beach.

This beach could be found 8 km away from Mapusa. However, while coming here from Panajim, it will take around 20 to 25 minutes drive to cover the distance of 18 km. A 45 minute journey from Mapuasa in buses is enough to reach to Anjuna Beach. There is a bus to Anjuna every 15 minutes. Hire services of motorcycles and taxis to reach to this beach are also available if buses do not appeal.