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Baga Beach


Thriving with activity and enthusiasm, Baga Beach of North Goa is amongst the most popular ones. Located 10 km from west of Mapusa, Baga beach is small in size but still perfect in the sense of beauty and solitude. Situation of Baga beach is in between Calangute and Colva beach. It would not be wrong to say that it is merely the extension of Calangute beach.

Some tourists consider its sand a beauty and something really unique in colour. It is neither white nor golden but brown. Also known for Baga Creek which is a coastal body enclosed by open sea and Mandhovi and Zuari river, this beach holds special interest of water sports enthusiasts. Parasailing, water skiing, etc, are favourite time pass here.

Along with that, nightlife at Club Tito’s, Medicinal Springs at Mottant and activities like fishing, cruising, picnics and shopping near Baga River are best time pass. In addition to this, tourists find spotting dolphins and crocodiles in the Mandovi and Zuari River really amusing. Wetlands of Zuari River are inhabited by Crocs and open sea area near the Mandovi is the place to find Dolphins and hence a place meant for the presence of tourists.