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Baypore beach


In Kozhikode district, one can locate Beypore beach, which also has Cheriyar River increasing its beauty. It is known for being one of the well known ports which is also used as fishing harbours of ancient Kerala.

The isolation of the beach is great add-on to its beauty. Relax to the extent of laziness, walk for mere pleasure or get thrilled by water sports offered on the beach along with getting engaged into fishing. Add joy of holiday by the fresh seafood and coconut water, available in the seaside stalls are sheer delight.


1. The place is already in the history books with the mention of its ship building industry and hence very much sought by western tradesmen. The popular Arabian vessel Uru was constructed in this yard itself.

2. Beypore also amuses tourists with its extremely old stone bridge that extends for 2 kms. Walking towards sea on it is a pleasure in itself.

3. Nearby city of Kozhikode could be another option for the people looking for an added tourism experience in Kerala.


The renowned beach is just 11 km from Calicut and could be reached from Karipur International Airport that is just 23 Km away from the beach.