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Bekal beach


On the coast of Arabian Sea, Beach Bekal is located. Declared as the Special Tourism Area by the Government of India, the beach is one of its kinds in Kerala in this sense. This is the only Special Tourism Area declared by the Govt. of India, in God's Own Country.

With its undeniable pull, Bekal is attracting more and more crowd. The place is also crowded by tourists from abroad and not only by the locals. Located 14 km off Kasargod, this beach has many options of accommodations and refreshments, and hence never a problem.


1. One of the most popular attractions of the beach is its backwaters, apart from many other things for a beach lovers and holidaying tourist. Your feeling of buzz never lessens by the beaches, serene backwaters, and scenic mountain ranges.

2. At a distance of 64 km towards the south of Mangalore, the beach has temples where festivals have a way to turn the mood of the tourists as well as the locals ebullient.

3. The major attraction of this beach is the Bekal Fort, which is the largest fort recorded, in Kasargod District of Kerala, and best preserved on that. With sea front, it has a feel as if the Arabian Sea is calling you. Bekal fort stands on a headland between two of the beaches.


Reach to this beach by Managalore Airport which is just 50 km away.