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Calangute Beach


One of the most crowded of the Goa Beaches is Calangute. The beach is around 15 km from Panajim and hence, just 20 minutes drive away. Crowded in most of the season, mainly in the month of November to February, this beach has been tourists’ haven since a long time. It has not been given the name “Queen of Beaches” just like that.

After having reached Calangute Beach, visiting St. Alex Church is respite to soul. It is renowned for its architectural beauty and serenity. Just for information, the Interiors of the church are even better, if exteriors have already made a lasting impression.

To find excellent accommodation as in hotels, beach resorts, cottages, etc near this beach is not an exception due to the heavy traffic of tourists it receives every year. When it comes to restaurants near this beach, numbers are rather surprising. You can relish drinks, vegetarian and fresh non-vegetarian food including fresh sea food. You can also try food outlets under the shade of palm trees that are selling everything you can consider eating and drinking. There are small shops selling seashell jewellery that goes with feeling of beach.