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Chandipur Beach


Located by the Bay of Bengal, in the north-eastern Orissa, Chandipur beach is an ultimate gift by Mother Nature to India. Unlike the blue-sea and golden sands, the beach depicts the brown sea-beds and safe sea-water, which trickle towards the beach and attracts beach-lovers, to underwent some distance beach walk. Interestingly, one can find that the beach curves inwards like C of Chandipur and ensures visitors to present before them, some worthy moments during their vacation, here.
Chandipur Beach are exclusive for laze holidaymakers, who lingers on to enjoy nature beauty, at their best. The sea, gently laps the shore and is extremely safe for beach-walkers. A stretching hours on the beach, offers the high and low sea-tides, swaying the dense casuarinas and flaunting with the atmosphere. The sea at Chandipur has no undercurrent or quick sands and visitors can splash water as much as they like. Swimmers, at times can catch-hold of the tiny fish, sea-shells and red-crabs, scattered on the endless shore.