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Dona Paula


This beach has got its name from it town. The beach in itself is as equal a beauty as any other in the different parts of Goa. Located 7 Km away from the capital city of Panajim, Dona Paula got its name from a women named Paula Amaral Antonio de Souto Maior whose title for being married was Dona (in Portuguese). Villagers renamed the village motivated by her charities after her death.

The location of the beach is on the confluence of two of the rivers of Goa, namely, Madovi and Zuari, giving it a feeling of being untouched. This has been single reason for the thriving tourism on the beach which is also known for the water sports activities, like Jet Skiing, Para sailing, water-scooter rides and motor boat rides. You can also get breath taking pictures of the beach inspired by its geography as well as Marmagoa harbour from here. In addition, Salim Ali Bird sanctuary is one more place of amusement for tourists.

Dona Paula beach is quieter in Monsoon while flushed with crowd in the peak touring season. Accommodation and modes of fun and frolic could be easily attained due to the popularity of the beach that could be reached either by a hired taxi or car, bus or even a motorcycle. Ferry from the Marmagoa Harbour is also one of the popular ways to reach to this beach.