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Kovalam beach


A treat to eyes Kovalam beach is among the best of what Kerala has got along its coast. Since the time it has been discovered during 1930s, people are coming back to this enchantress. Located in the city of Thiruvananthapuram, the village in which the beach is present used primarily for fishing. It gradually appealed to the European tourists and since then became a hot tourist destination in Kerala.


The main lure of this place are the 3 beaches of in the shape of waned moon found on the 17 Km stretch of Kovalam beach. All the three have their own bait for tourists. They are as follows:

1. Light House beach

Located to the extreme south of kovalam beach, it is renowned for its antique-looking Vizhinjam Lighthouse. Built on a protruding rocky landscape, its feel almost connects you with the past in which it had lived once.

2. Hawah Beach

Also known by the name of Hawa Beach or Eves Beach, it is simply unmatched in beauty. Activities of fishermen can still be caught on this beach in the early morning time.

3. Samudra Beach

Only solitude disturbs this beach. Separated by a huge headland, tourists can come here if peace is looked for away from buzz of Lighthouse beach.

Another attraction may be the sea port of Vizhinjam that is located approx 3 km away. People endear this beach for the churches, old temples, and mosque and make a point to visit them.


The beach is just 16 Km away from the active city. A car ride is just what you want to be here.