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Marari Beach


Located at a distance that can be covered in less than an hour from Cochin, you can find yourself in relaxed beach of Marari. If you are already on the Alappuzha Beach, then the journey is even shorter. Its name is derived from "mararikulam", a nearby fishing village, where life is still more or less same.

The word bucolic is best applied to the beach in most idyllic of sceneries.


1. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary- Known for many bird species fling to this place, the sanctuary is haven for tourists who love birding. It makes a photographer of you automatically.

2. Kerala Backwaters- Apart from just the beauty of the beach, it will always be a rewarding trip in a house boat taking you through lesser seen places.

3. Snake boat race- This could be seen only in the month of August and you will surely love the color and crowd to witness this event.


Marari Beach is located in 60 Km from Cochin, Kerala, and could be reached through Mararikulam Railway station and then some time on road.