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Gokarna Beach Resort

Gokarna is about 200km north of Mangalore (7 hr by bus) and 56km southwest of Karwar on the seashore. According to the Gokarna Purana, “By mere entrance into this Ksetra (holy place), one becomes liberated from hundreds of sins, including even brahma-hatya (the killing of a Brahmin).” Moreover, it is said that one becomes free from rebirth by just looking at the Atma-linga, by hearing the roar of the sea, or by taking birth in Koti-tirtha. 
Extensive car parking facility
Well equipped conference hall
Separate restaurants for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
Non-vegetarian restaurant with attached Bar
Television (Color)
Phone facility
Bath-tub attachments for deluxe rooms
24 hours water supply.